One of our inspectors will visit your home and perform a thorough inspection. If we deem the damage was caused in a manner that warrants an insurance claim, you will then need to contact your insurance company and file the claim (filing of an insurance claim must be done by the insured. We’ll handle the rest). We will also have you complete some light paperwork to formalize our engagement to manage the claim.

The insurance company will issue you a claim number, which you’ll need to contact your company rep with, along with your adjuster’s name and phone number. We’ll then arrange to meet with the adjuster at your home to review the damages.


Upon claim approval, the insurance carrier will send you an estimate in the mail. This could come quickly or may take a few weeks. The estimate should be accompanied by a check from the insurance company for the actual cash value of the claim.

Once received, call your representative to schedule a time to meet to select materials to be used in the reconstruction of your home.


After materials are selected, we’ll secure a building permit from your local municipality and post it at your home. We’ll order materials and return to begin construction as soon as materials are in-hand.

A complete walk-through will be had once all work is complete to be certain you are satisfied and that the work meets our high standards.

Your insurance company will then be billed for the remaining recoverable depreciation on the claim.